Character Development & Storybooks

Featuring my projects focused on creating books with a story, characters, and environments that extend into developing toy and game products associated with them.

Rocket & His Greatest Invention

     "In the center of the world lies a tree so big it can be seen from space. In this tree there is a town where a large group of birds live in peace and harmony: doing daily routines, creating, and being involved in society. Rocket is a bird that can’t fly, but he is an inventor. So he comes up with different inventions to help him fly. But his inventions don't work out. After Rocket gives up, with the help of his best friend and sister, he gives it another go. Will Rocket inventions work? Will Rocket be able to fly for the first time?"

     I created this storybook as part of my (BFA) Toy Design Program thesis project where I written and illustrated a children’s storybook inspired by myself and interest. Part of this project was to also conceptualize two toy products based off my own book and to develop a plush toy prototype of my character from the book.


Storybook & Character Development Ideation

Featuring the process I have gone though while developing this project. How I took it from research,

to character and environment ideation, and illustrations.

Toy Concepts, Ideation, & Prototype Plush Toy

Featuring 2 toy concepts based on my storybook and then plush toy prototype based on the main character of my book. 


Activity Book

Cableman & The Rise of Television

     "In a world behind the television screen where dwells, a place of infinite possibilities and anything can happen. In this book you are the actor, so you can explore all these places by creating your own story with papercraft construction and play."

     I created this activity book and papercraft as part of a Joan Mitchell Foundation Creating a Living Legacy program art exhibition. Which showcases artwork side-by-side from art apprentices, art legacy specialists, and C.A.L.L artists associated with the program. I created this book inspired by my own toy design practice, interest in papercraft toys, and my time in the C.A.L.L program with artist "Jaime Davidovich" who was a conceptual artist and television-art pioneer.

Play Feature Steps:

1) Cut and fold template patterns using scissors. 
2) Assemble the template with glue to create your Cableman figure.
3) Insert any of the tv screens to customize your Cableman figure.
4) Flip through different channels and use the figure to create your own stories.

Activity Book & Character Development Ideation

Featuring my ideation I have gone through while developing this project. Showing the play features step-by-step that someone will do to construct and play with this activity book to act out their own story through imaginative play.



The Squid's Artistic Journey

     "This is a story is about an artistic squid named Oddo and his journey in the deep blue sea. so his dream is to find inspiration that way he can paint a masterpiece that every sea creature will love.”

     In this book, I wanted to focus on the struggles of coming up with inspiration when creating an art piece. How if you look close enough you can get an idea from anywhere including the most unexpected places and experiences.

     I created this storybook as part of my (MA) art education project for a course called “Literacy and Language for Young Children” at The City College of New York & developed it further for Toy Creators Academy. This is where I written and illustrated a children’s storybook inspired by my experiences in struggling to find that great idea. Part of this project was to also create a literacy and childhood development game by identifying skills that kids can gain from their age. To do this I focus on identifying the skills kids gain at specific ages. Then combine the research of the toy market I was able to learn, identify, and develop during my time in T.C.A.

Storybook Ideation & Boardgame Prototype

Featuring my ideation I have gone though while developing this project. While creating this project  I had the story i written and illustrated printed and also constructed a prototype boardgame based on my story and character in the book. 

Childhood Development, & Toy Market Project Research

Featuring the research I have gone through while developing this project. This includes toy market analysis, a survey on people's interest in toys and games, child development research, product research, and safety process.


Part of this research was taken from another research project I worked on which you can view the full toy market trends project on my “Human Development & Market Research" page. Which showing how I identify the toy market trends starting from the beginning of the 2020 pandemic for the next 5 years, by sending out a survey to people I know such as people of industry, professionals, parents, educators, doctors, average fans and collectors, I collected 30 survays. I also looked at other outside sources to support my report on the latest trends of toy market such as “NPD Group”, “The Toy Book”, “People of Play”, & “Toy Industry Association”


The other part of creating this project is the research on childhood development to identify each individual child age group motorskills and interests to strengthen my project benefits for kids. Identifying the entire consumer base interests using the market research but roughly idneifying each individual consumer in the consumer base through childhood development, education, and psychology.