In the center of the world lies a tree so big it can be seen from space. In this tree there is a town where a large group of birds live in peace and harmony: doing daily routines, creating, and being involved in society. Rocket is a bird that can’t fly, but he is an inventor. So he comes up with different inventions to help him fly. But his inventions don't work out. After Rocket gives up, with the help of his best friend and sister, he gives it another go. Will Rocket inventions work? Will Rocket be able to fly for the first time?





Rocket is a smart bird that has all ways been innovative and shown an interest in inventing to make the world a better place. He is a shy bird when it comes with interacting with other birds. Rocket is very passionate person when it comes with his hobby to build things. When Rocket gets into building he can be energetic of excitement. Rocket is a independent person because he can be so interested and into inventing he doesn’t go out much.

Sophie is Rocket’s charming little sister. Sophie is a very curious bird that is always interested in what other birds are doing. She was interested in what Rocket was doing and eventually became his little assistant. Sophie is a truthful bird, so she is not afraid to tell the truth.

Tommy is Rocket’s best friend. He is very truthful when it comes with giving Rocket advice. Tommy is brave cause he is not afraid to tell it like it is for that bird’s well being. He is polite and never shows disrespect when someone is mean to him.