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Toy Prototypes

Featuring my project prototypyes of different categories of toys. Each section below showcases my 3D computer models, 3D prints, papercraft, plush, and hard toy models.

Plush Toys

This section features my plush toy prototypes, ideation, and the process I took to make them.

Rocket & His Greatest Invention; Rocket Plush Toy

     I created this plush toy as part of my (BFA) toy design thesis project where I written and illustrated a children’s storybook inspired by myself and interest. Part of this project was to also conceptualize two toy products based off my own book and to develop a plush toy prototype of my character from the book. You can find the rest of this project on my Character Development & Storybooks page.


     Chickpeas is a multipurpose stacking plush toy playset and a kids pillowware set; Chickpeas comes with one plush toy, 3 donut pillows, and a tree trunk base pillow. You can rearrange the pillows in various arrangements to create different shape trees with a nest that your Chickpea can rest on. Choose from a long line of Chickpeas to be your best friend, each one has a different color, egg badge, and gender making each one of a kind. Along with being a multicategory toy product it is also a decorative product that your child can arrange on their bed just like the grownups.

Winston the Elephant 

Winston the Elephant is a plush toy I created as a personal project experimenting by using techniques used in creating papercraft and packaging layouts. Then apply it on fabric, sewing, and stuffing it.

Snails in a Shell

     Snails in a Shell was part of a project going around the theme of containers for an art exhibition presented by the Joan Mitchell Foundation Alumni Council in partnership with Taller Boricua Gallery. These snail toy models feature a hard plastic shell with abstract, geometric, and contemeratry art patterns with a plush slug body that fits inside the shell.

Hard Toys & 3D Models

This section features my hard toy prototypes, 3D computer models, 3D prints, ideation, and the process I took to make them.

The Manta Ray Airplane

This is a personal project of a toy airplane I constructed In the hight of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I first designed the concept, 3D modeled it using Solidworks, 3D Printed, Painted using spray paint and model enamel paint, assembeld it, finally did the electrical wiring to add the LED lights and on/off switch. During the process I experemeted with new techniques an materials such as special effect spray paints like glitter spraypaint and transferring my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator art work on to the physical prototype.