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Toy Concepts & Illustrations

Featuring conceptual designs and illustrations of toy, game, and related category hard and soft goods products. Each section below showcases my industry, personal, and student design work through a variety of concept boards.


This section features my designs in the toy industry through my work with Culturefly as their in-house designer and my past freelance work with other toy companies such as; SRM Idea Lab, Pirasta, & Kangaru toys. It also includes my internship work with SRM.


These designs ether made it to mass production and sold, or only conceptual ideas that were pitched and presented.


This section features my designs. These are works that I’ve created in my own time for hobby and or to keep up my practice.


This section features my student designs while I attended the Fashion Institute Of Technology (BFA) Toy Design Program from August 2014 to May 2016.

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